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  1. I got a call from a local farmer. She is raising her first bottle baby. A pygmy who is 29 days old.
    She's been having a rough time with the kid. Tried a couple different replacers (the most recent one suggested by a local vet). The kid is scouring again.
    She got my name from the local mill as a potential source for goat's milk. The one time the kid actually had pellets was when it had goat's milk from the vet's freezer.
    I told her to try store bought Vit. D milk for the kid.
    My question is, how much should a Pygmy kid be drinking every four hours?
    She was feeding it 4 ounces initially, the vet had her drop it to 2 ounces and my inclination is to bring it back up to four ounces, because 12 ounces a day seems like soo little.
    My three week old doeling who was 2.8 pounds at birth is drinking 30 ounces a day right now and growing like a weed.

    I also encouraged her to join and hope she does.
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    with ND I either feed 2 oz every 2 hrs or 4 or as much as it will take up to 16 oz 4 times a day. IT is the replacer that is causing the problems also can't remember but by this time should be on cocci prevention. I think

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    Is she on a coccidia prevention program? At 29 days old...she should have already had one treatment.

    Switching will also cause scours...she's better off to stick to one, whole milk or goat milk.
  4. The kid only had goat's milk once. The vet had some frozen and the kid received that. It has been on replacer the rest of the time.
    I didn't mention cocci prevention. It didn't dawn on me at the time.
    Thanks for amounts.