Putting weight on a milking doe?

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    I was recently told that Rice pellets will help a couple of my does put some weight on, any thoughts? I have 3 does 3 months fresh that are just putting it all in the pail....They really need some weight. I feed a 16% dairy ration that several of us feed here in TN and add a handful of calf manna, beet pulp and 1 lb per day per doe of alfalfa pellets, free choice hay, mminerals and baking soda. Everyone else looks great, and recent fecals are clean.


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    Your feeding program is messed up.

    Your relying on your grain mix for everything, and it's why your girls can't hold their weight when they come into lactation. So now you are going to add more grain products, and rice brans are simply fat. Fat will not put fat onto your does when they are in milk. It will, by adding more phos to their diet, cause them to founder, to have clumpy dog poop with grain in it, and cause acidosis, which in turn makes them eat less because their tummy hurts. You have does who milk down to a good weight during their lactation by using the dry period to get weight on the doe and grow out nice healthy kids.

    You should be thinking about improving your hay/roughage. If your hay is simply grass hay then use your alfalfa pellets as the mainstay of the diet for calcium and protein. With 17% protein alfalfa pellets or high protein alfalfa hay you don't need to be using a 16% grain mix, the protein is over 11% with either soy or cotton seed...and then top dressing with more soy (calf manna). And what on earth is all that costing you? It's giving you does who don't milk as well and are thin because you aren't giving them what they need.

    Improve your hay and the amount fed, or give more alfalfa pellets. Beet pulp is a form of quick energy and some calcium, which you wouldn't need if they had more alfalfa pellets. Calf manna for more soy protein, isn't needed if you are already feeding 16% feed. In fact with excellent alfalfa hay you could feed much less protein than the 16%. If you are using the calf manna for it's vitamins and minerals than you could do that with oats using the soy in the calf manna for your protein also.

    So you are spending alot of money and still have skinny goats...get it? vicki

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    The first question should be how much milk in pounds are they giving? Second, what stage of lactation are they in (days since freshening)? Third, how much grain are they actually getting per doe per day? Then we can give advice on your feeding program.
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    Thanks Vicki ... and yes, it is costing me a fortune to feed.
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    have to agree with Vicki here I am feeding 3 lb or more per goat per day of alfalfa pellets they also get grass hay and either whole oats or a 10% dry feed by bluebonnet. of which they get 1 to 2lb per milking depending on the production of the goat.