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I've read the instructions on how often to change/clean the air filter on my pulsater. With only milking a couple doe's twice a day....wouldn't that time be very much longer between changes.
I never got a real good understanding on how much use is figured into these suggested changing times.

I have the LL90 if that helps give me an answer.....and it is getting dry and dusty around these parts now days.

Thanks, Whim

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Just take the two screws out of the pulsator and you can wash it and everything in it in warm sudsy water. Rinse it out and then hook it up to your vaccuum pum till it runs itself dry. Thats all there is to it. Under the lid is the filter, kind of like a white cardboard shape. You can get this wet and scrubbed as well. Thats the only thing to take apart on it. Just always run it dry by your vaccuum pump after washing it.

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