Proper Dose of Bo-Se?

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  1. My friend who is starting a Grade A Dairy is in the middle of a kidding storm. She has had several born with severely knuckled-over pasterns, I took three doelings home with me to try and work with them as she is so busy. I bought some Bo-Se yesterday, we had always been told our area was not deficient, but now I have heard otherwise. The insert states "1cc/40# in lambs, with 1cc minimum" Well as it was late, I played it conservative and gave these kids (nrormal size but less than a week old) 0.5cc each SQ. Suggestions?

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    yep 1/2 cc for kids and normal is 1cc per 40lb

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    And it won't hurt them to have this daily along with vitamin E, just take a 400 IU capsule from wallmart, snip the end and squish it in their mouth.

    Since white muscle disease/nutritional muscular destrophy effects not only kids pasterns, but all muscles including their sucking reflex and heart, and does cleaning out, their initial coming into milk and over all health due to immune response....she knows this problem is herdwide. With and excellent mineral out and prekidding bo-se this won't happen in our area...without really good minerals...also making sure the girls have something green to eat if she is relying on grass hay than she needs to supplement the milking herd with E also. Vicki