Production drop in one half

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Ashley, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. Ashley

    Ashley Active Member

    Is this a symptom of mastitis? Penny had less milk in her right half. I thought maybe Toggy's baby might have possibly stole some. But it was like that again when I milked just now, same side. Is it possible for them to try and dry up unevenly? Or is it something worse. She has been milking for 18 months now. Milk seems fine.
  2. mill-valley

    mill-valley New Member

    I haven't had a doe do that...but I've never milked for that length of time either. My gut feeling would be to do a culture on the milk to look for subclinical mastitis.

  3. goatkid

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    Is the baby still in the same pen she is? I have a buckling who nurses both his dam and another doe. Some days one or both does are uneven. Though I always test if a doe without kids on her is uneven, they usually don't have a problem, especially in as late lactation as your doe is in. Kathie