princess bernadette is No lady!

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    I am running out of PENs. I have this Saanen doeling who is the most beautiful girl, but like all my saanen doelings she pushes around the nubians. She is Younger than Nottie the goatie so they are buddies even though Bernadette is 130 lbs at 11 mons and Nottie is Not! I seperated the smaller Nubians born in april, & may out away from the menace, so as to Not breed them #1 to the nubian buck I put in with Nottie, and then ended up moving one of the april does back in because she is so Huge and Fat, I didn't want to keep her a dry yearling. And Bernadette was trying to out and out KILL her. So into a pen with last years one dry yearling she goes. this girl "Fly" is a May baby born only 2lbs last year, and is just a hair smaller then Bernadette even now. They are the best of buddies. Fly Loves to knock heads no problem. So being that Gally girl needs a little grain now and she's in with the big o fatties, I move her in with Fly and Bernadette very worried that maybe bernadette won't get her grain that she's needs being fast growing and preggers. :rofl Gally is Not eating. well shoot. smell the breathe check her pulse check her temp no apparent problem. LOL! yesterday I took "Time" to really spend with the girls I strawed them and watched every one play fed them and watched them all eat. Bernadette has Gally who is Bigger than her Terrorized! So Now what? I'm out of pens. I could throw the three girls who will be dry in with the age mates, and bernadette and fly and the buckling together. He was a perfect gentleman with the yearlings and ff's. I guess I'll just play musical goats move them all back around and if the little fattie isn't bred she just won't be.
    I tried to avoid all of this for 2008 by breeding all of the nubians first. I want all nubians for ever more born in Dec-Jan and the saanens born in March. followed Maybe by april babies of ff. However after I thought all the nubians were bred and that didn't happen till Late sept this year, I bred the Saanens, and then the Nubians came back into heat. So again this year I will have a menacing Saanen doeling in with a helpless pen of Nubians. :crazy
    Maybe forever more I should start breeding all my Nubie doelings the May after they are born and saanen breeding be Illegal except in the month of Oct?

    Or Hey I know Build More pens!! yeah :yeahthat that'll work. :biggrin
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    :rofl Yep I know what your saying there as I have been playing musical pens too gets confusing sometimes, but thats the way the berries bounce...I still have to move somemore soon...goodluck with yours..

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    Bred juniors who are too mean to live with their penmates, get to spend the week with the milkers! Low man on the totem pole for them is a dream they wish they were in with them! That changes their attitude quickly! Vicki
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    Oh that is for sure when I first brought in my big ole LaMancha and she was a terror I put her in alone with my MM Al who was the boss around her. Put her in her place real quick. and have done that with others too like Vicki says they get a real attitude ajustment quick.