Pregnant does at shows....

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  1. After reading a post on another forum it got me thinking.

    The person stated they took their heavily bred doe to the show with them (Didnt show her, just took her incase she kidded.) The doe was like day 142-145....somewhere around that area.

    What are your thoughts on taking a heavily pregnant doe to a show?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Shykid Acres

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    Think of all the diseases that might be there! Yicks! Although I am fairly new to goats my guts says..."Very bad idea." ??? And what about the stress of transporting her there besides. :nooo I personally would not do it. I would have someone stay with her back at home or *gulp* not go.


  3. Same here Kim.

    I'd be too concerned with the pregnant doe to go in and show the doe that was suppose to be shown anyways.... So there for....might as well stay home and save my money. Not to mention any illnesses... and the stress on the doe... the list goes but wanted to see what everyone elses opinions were. I wouldn't take a heavily pregnant doe to a show...
  4. Katarina

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    Mom would stay home and I would go. We don't like the idea of taking a doe to the show at all while they are pregnant and will not take a kid to a show that is less then at least four months old.

    There is no way I would be bringing my goat to a show that was that close to a due date. Even my best doe!
  5. Aja-Sammati

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    :blush Well, I have taken two of my very pregnant does to a one day milk test...they were due within 5-7 days I seem to remember. They handled the stress fine- it was the doe that I was taking to do the milk test that fell apart and made herself sick. One good reason to not take them is the fact that they won't have passive immunity to the 'things' in the ground at a show like they do at your home.

    I show kids as young as 7-8 weeks, but I quarantine when I get home, so if they pick up something, they don't spread it around. I am of the 'if you never expose them they never get immunity' crowd though, and raised my children the same way. It is a personal choice/comfort thing.

    If I have a doe that doesn't travel well- I don't take them to a show to begin with. Then I don't worry about them stressing. When I moved my whole herd (19 goats at the time) almost 2500 miles across the southern states in the hottest 2 weeks of 2006 none of them stressed out. One of them kidded with healthy triplets less than a week after we arrived. Carefully planned travel with goats isn't that big a deal. If you want to show a lot, I assume you cull the goats that don't travel and show well- it would be to your advantage.

  6. SherrieC

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    I know of a two day show with a pregnant dry Yearling first place on Sat that showed in the Yearling milkers on Sunday. course that was a saanen they are tough. Not one of mine, the meanest things I do to my preggars is walk them in the field. we live on a hill so its down the hill to go out in the field then on the way back it's all up hILL >
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    We had a lady bring ND's to our show last year and one of them was pregnant, shortly after settling in she gave healthy twins. Go figure. I have hauled heavy bred does the shows but not that bred.
  8. mill-valley

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    I am of the same mindset when it comes to upper respiratory type things...but what made me stop showing kids was learning that almost all of the time when goats pick up Johne's disease and sometimes CAE it's when they are less than 6 months old. Seems like a good part of a prevention program to keep babies away from other goats until they are older. Especially since you never know what the goats in the next pen over are carrying.
  9. Truly

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    Well, I certainly wouldn't want to travel heavy bred. :rofl
  10. New Member

    She would be with me at the show, certainly not at home with nobody at the farm! Nearly every year at Houston there were does kidding, I bet show stalls are alot cleaner than alot of peoples barns. I know the freshly bedded stalls at most shows I go to are cleaner than my barn is right now, after 4 weeks of kidding! Vicki
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    I would be hesitant to take a due goat to a show. I'd hate to have her kid out in the stock trailer while I'm in the truck. I've also heard that stressing them could cause a trainwreck. However, like Vicki said, if there was no one reliable to watch the goat, it would be better to take her than leave her alone. Fortunately, for me, I have my hubby to be with my goats when I am at the shows and hopefully, they will all have kidded by show time. Kathie
  12. Thanks for the replies.

    Its interesting to see what everyone does. :)