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    I have a Sannen Doe that is suppose to kid in April. I am not even sure she is pregnant. My mom has a Myotonic that was suppose to deliver in December but still has not delivered. Everyone thought she was pregnant because her belly did and still does a lot of moving and she got big. She even had the white mucous discharge. I have a whole lot to learn. I milked my doe up until I took her to have her bred on September 28th. We picked her up Nov 10 from being at the bucks home because the lady that had her did not put her with the buck for 2 weeks and said she would suggest us leaving her for that length of time to make sure she bred. My doe had delivered twins in February of 2007 before I got her in March. About a week or two ago her utters started filling up. Does this indicate that she is pregnant? Should I wait until after the time she is suppose to kid in April to start milking her again? We are excited about the idea of her kidding for two reasons, one we would love to get more milk from her than just the 1/2 gallon a day we were getting, two - our downesyndrome son is excited about having a kid to raise as his own. We got our goat so he could have milk to drink, he is only able to tolerate goat milk.
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    All anyone but the gal who bred her for you can tell you is that she should kid in March or April. Did the gal not see your goat bred at all? My older does are all due March 8th and on, you can tell they are bred, both because they are springing but also because they all have some udder development. None of my does due in April have udder started, other than hormonal I am almost a year old, started my udder, development. You will just have to wait and watch :) Vicki

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    I wait until after my does kid to start milking them. The only time people usually milk a doe before she kids is if her udder gets really full and hard the few days prior to kidding. The first milk is colostrum and the babies need it for survival.
    My Saanen cross doe who is due nest month, as well as the other 7 does due in March are all "showing". My older goats usually don't fill their udders until about the week they kid, but I know some breeds and lines do sooner.
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    No don't milk her until she freshens in April