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    Buttercup wasn't bred through the pen last Oct. as she would have kidded by now. I never saw her cycle after that. In January, I put a Nubian buckling in with the does to clean up anything that wasn't bred. He was in with them til the end of Feb. I never saw him breed her. She's a rather round doe even when she's not PG so it's difficult to know by looking at her if she's bred. I'm still milking her. The reason I'm thinking of testing her is that if she's PG, she should be dried up so she has colostrum for her kids. If she's not, I want to milk her through til next fall so she doesn't gain more weight. The other day, I talked with my vet about testing her for pregnancy. He said his ultrasound isn't that accurate as it just goes around the belly and he's never blood tested for it. He is under the assumption that you have to test at just the right time to get correct results. From what I've read on this forum, I thought you could do it any time after 30 days. Would it be to late to do it now? My vet would like to know this and also the name and address of the place to send the blood for testing. Kathie
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    Blood testing is done at Bio-Tracking and the address is in Goat 101 yes you can still blood test. $7

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    You can blood test them anytime after 26 days.
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    I blood tested two of my does when they were 4 and 1/2 months pregnant to see if the pregnancy was still viable. Yes they were still bred. So the blood test shows whatever they test for at least that long. vicki