Possible Worms in 4 Month Nigerian Wether

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    So I recently got a Nigerian Dwarf wether. He is about 4 months old. I have noticed that he has gotten bony but has a hay belly. His younger half sister is larger than him (she's younger than him by about a month, but he was born in a set of quads and was born very small). His stool is on the clumpier side. He is always munching on hay and has lots of energy, but his stomach is still bloated and he's getting bony. Are these symptoms of intestinal worms? The breeder didn't worm him or his sister. Should I worm him and his sister since they weren't when they were 2 months? Please help!
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    The surest course of action would be to collect fecal samples from each, take them to a vet and have them analyzed. Then you would know exactly what their parasite load is and then choose the correct dewormer to resolve the problem.
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