Possible for BRV not to discolor? *Picture added*

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  1. I ordered some BRV from Nature's Garden. The review said that a their CP soaper noted that it does not accelerate and does not discolor. Is it possible for a BRV to not discolor? I don't want to waste my colorant if it is just going to turn dark on me.
    Anyone use a BRV that doesn't discolor?
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    Re: Possible for BRV not to discolor?

    I have used two BRV's that did not discolor, one of them was from S. Anderson of prairie fragrances.. Yes to your question.

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    Re: Possible for BRV not to discolor?

    I've used Susan's too and haven't noticed discoloration.
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    Re: Possible for BRV not to discolor?

    Lil's BRV does not discolor either.
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    Wonderful! Thanks! If no one else had come across one that did not discolor I wasn't going to risk it, but if there are BRV that don't discolor, it is certainly worth it. :D
    I wanted to order some of Lil's but I waited too long and the co-op thing was over.
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    Here's hoping it doesn't discolor...lol.
    I don't think it will though;
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    where did you get your soap molds?
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    Those are just the Martha Molds from K-Mart. They are actually utensil/drawer organizers. However, they are no longer available.

  9. Yup, what she said. I have a whopping six of those and so can only soap three batches at a time (I make a smaller bar than most people).
    Some are pretty warped by now through misuse and overuse. So, I'll probably go for a kelsei (sp?) mold this year as well.