Ponazuril as coccidiostat?

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by birdiegirl, Dec 20, 2007.

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    We have a new coccidiostat that we are using at the pet emergency clinic- ponziuril. It works very well, much better than albon, sulfa, etc. I googled it and came up with this product for horses: Marquis Antiprotozoal Oral Paste.

    My question- has anyone researched this medication for treating coccidia in goats?

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    Marquis 4 x 127 gm tubes $739.00
    Marquis Each 127 gm tube $199.99
    OUCH!!!!!! This would stop me from using it.

    BUT:Toltrazuril-sulfone (Ponazuril) has been studied for use in goats for coccidia. Goat Medicine has a dose of 20mg/kg bw orally once. BUT, the last time I checked on this drug-Toltrazuril- it was not available in the US. Was in Australia,China, ect...but what are the risks involved of ordering it from these countries over the internet? I would have a very hard time convincing my horse vet that I needed the drug for coccidia control in my goats. AND I have seen the
    Marquis box in his drug supply. I know he was using a new drug on EPM and "that it was #%$&^^* EXPENSIVE but it was working". This was about 8 yrs ago, so he was probably getting it,"NOT from Bayer." ;)

    I don't know enough about the chemical make-up of Marquis to even try it. But, if it truly is a drug containing Toltrazuril...and is in the US now...........

    This is the Bayer site for Baycox which contains Toltrazuril.

    Hhhhmmm....with it now being used in Equines AND available in the US, even under another drug name...might be worth checking into.