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    I have a 70lb doeling with what is now believed to be polio. When she came in I started treatment for polio and tetnaus. There has been some improvement since giving Thiamine. I gave 1 cc IV and 3 cc sub Q . I also gave her banamine , penn .
    Question is how much is everyone using of thiamine ? I know every 6 hours then moving to every 12 . usual is 4.5 cc per 100lbs {I think}

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    this was in Goat 101 believe it was Vicki

    44.5 kg, so 445 mg thiamine at 100 mg/ml is about 4.5 cc of straight
    thiamine) IV to start, then repeat every 6 hours (subsequent shots can
    be IM or SQ) for a day or so. The Dex at the dose you used was good (I
    had used 4.5 cc per 100 lbs). I don't normally give antibiotics for
    polio. Once they show marked improvement, I usually just continue the
    thiamine beyond the first round of injections. Sometimes they stay
    blind or partially blind for a while but still recover. If they've been
    off feed for a while, the lactobaccilus/ electrolyte/ transfaunation
    with rumen contents from another animal approach is also useful to speed
    recovery - if not eating, they won't be making B-vitamins in the rumen
    like they should and I would be tempted to give some B-vitamin shots
    until they were on feed again.

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    Funny thing is she was fine last night and down in the cold snow this a.m. with about an inch on her . She is up and walking now . I will continue with the thiamine and antibiotics due to finding her outside and down.

    Thanks , Patty