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    You in a cage at the pound on that day,
    I remember it like it was yesterday.
    Pit Bulls, and Labs, and Rottweilers too,
    Barking and jumping, but then I saw you.
    You looked up at me, put your paw on the door,
    And wiggled your butt, as you sat on the floor.
    Your eyes were so sad, how your long body shook,
    Never making a sound, I saw it all in your look.
    Your eyes how they pleaded, and stared into mine,
    Hoping for a master who to you would be kind.
    I knew then and there, that you were the one,
    Your days in the shelter were just about done.
    They told me that you had been a stray find,
    And that you were just about out of time.
    I then brought my kids to visit you too,
    And just like me, they fell in love with you.
    So I filled out the papers, and paid the small fee,
    And then you were part of our family.
    You played with the kids, and you snored in my chair,
    For the past sixteen years, you were always right there.
    The years have flown by, the kids are all grown,
    College and jobs, living lives of their own.
    It seems very strange, that now you are gone too,
    I love you dear Pokey, and we sure do miss you.