Pnuemonia doe still not what?- Lost her

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  1. Kitty was treated with 2.5ccs of Nuflor Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. She also received .5ccs of Banamine the first two days and .7 ccs the remaining three days.
    SHe is still crying like she is in pain. Can I give her more Banamine?
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    I know this is the dosages most use on Nuflor. And I am going to play this card....having had goats for 22 years now :) :) :) there is NO WAY the bloodlevel of the drug can still be in the system when giving antibiotics to a goat like this...NO FREAKIN WAY! I would switch drugs...go to Naxcel, use it everyday, continue the banamine and see about giving her a dose of dexamethazone. I don't use Nuflor but if I did, I would use it every 24 hours. Your experience with Nuflor has been the reason why I don't recommend it or use it. Vicki

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    I don't know how much your doe weighs, but when I give Nuflor, they get 3cc per 100 lb daily for 5-7 days. With some strains of pneumonia, Nuflor doesn't work, but Excenel or Naxel does. Kathie
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    She received it every day for four days, but I thought I needed to stop since she had had five total days.
    She actually is breathing more easily and no longer coughing. At this point I'm thinking I just need to get her hydrated, keep her that way and keep her comfortable. So I can continue to give Banamine?
    I'll look into Naxcel. It is just so pricey and having to use it all up at once just makes it that much worse.
    The Nuflor cleared up the two kids I treated.
    I have Dex, would it be the same dose as used for Deer Worm?

    The 2.5 is using Nuflor at 3ccs per 100 pounds. Kitty is a smaller doe. 85-90 pounds on a good day. She is at least 1/4 Pygmy, possibly more. I don't know who her sire is.

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    Re: Pnuemonia doe still not what?

    After you reconstitute the Naxel, it can be frozen in syringes and thawed out as needed. I never give Banamine for more than three days. My vet says if they need more anti inflamitory drugs after three days to use dex. So far, I haven't needed it, so I don't know the dosage. If her breathing is better and she's stopped coughing, it sounds like she is responding to the treatment. Once my pneumonia goats have stopped the coughing and labored breathing, they find it easier to drink and eat. Kathie
  6. I never expected Kitty to survive this.
    She left us around noon today.
    "Squeek-ums," better known as Kitty, was the only bottle baby we had in 2004. She was the second born in a set of twins. The first was a large backwards presented buck. Dad had to massage Baby's udder to encourage contractions to get Squeek-ums delivered. Adia's (dad's girlfriend's daughter) first kidding experience. She was wrapped up and brought to the house to be warmed up and bottle fed. So very small. Adia named her Squeek-ums but due to her antics being raised in the milking barn she became nicknamed Kitty. She knew herself as Kitty, too. We would call "Here Kitty, Kitty" when it was time for her bottle feeding. When she got older she would come running when we called the cats in the same manner for their milk.
    A couple of cute stories about Kitty. There was a commercial that year that had a little old lady that comes out of her door with a dish of cat food. She calls "Here Kitty, Kitty" and we see a skunk wander up. It was a commercial for insurance to cover glasses. We have a TV in our milking barn and anytime that commercial would run Kitty would dash over to us with her tail wagging looking for her bottle.
    That Fall, early one morning the power went out. A young raccoon had climbed the pole and been electrocuted. The power men came out and Kitty had followed dad up from the barn. They thought the little goat was a hoot, but it got better when dad told one of them to walk away and then call "Here Kitty, Kitty" to her. She dashed over to him and they guys thought that was just great!
    Kitty delivered premie twins {buck/doe} as a yearling. A single 9.5 pound buck kid as a two year old (some of you may recall the pictures), twin bucks last year (the first attempted to arrive head only) and then finally blessed us with twin doelings this year on 12/21/07.
    Kitty was our little dragon.
    Kitty will be missed greatly.
    RIP Kitty
    This photo was taken last summer.

    Thank you all for your help.
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    OH Roseanna she was beautiful so sorry you lost her. Huggs go out to you.
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    The doses for Dexamethasone range from 1cc/100# to 1cc/20#...depends on what your treating and why you are using it.
    this is for 2mg/ml.
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    I am so sorry you lost her.
    I have used Nuflor for years at the rate of 6 cc's per hundred for goats and the reccomended 3 cc's per hundred for calves. I have actually not lost a single animal to pnuemonia since discovering Nuflor. Pnuemonia is a problem here as we have wild temp changes and very damp(usually warmer) winters. So it works for me.
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    :sniffle so sorry you lost her and I know how much you will miss her ...
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    Oh, I'm sorry you lost Kitty. :sniffle
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    She was a pretty doe. I'm sorry you lost her, I hope you grow to enjoy her doelings as much as you did her.
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    Kitty was beautiful.. I'm so sorry you lost her. She was special - I'm so glad she gave you two doelings before she left you.
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    I'm sorry, she was very pretty :(