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A place to list our plants to share or wanted plants.
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well that explains it then :)
Squidge said to be sure to tell you I am a very seriously abridged version with lots of random annotation in the margins.
Like most people- just enough info to be dangerous. :crazy
Lee, did you want marigold seeds? I have them coming out of my ears. My younger ds is a marigold maniac...they're his favorite flower and he had them everywhere last year and saved seeds like crazy. I think we can spare a few, even though I am sure he has plans to take over the entire 40 acres with marigolds. (Though as to what kind they are, it's anybody's guess. Probably they cross pollinated anyway.)
I have boysenberry starts/shoots (whatever theyre called!) they are the most delicious berry, a cross between blackberries and raspberries I believe? wonderful flavour, though we like a little powdered sugar sprinkled on ours as they are a little tart. These are thornless and I planted one plant last year and have enough to plant a whole new row and give some away this year!
PM me if you want some, thanks, Karen
Ive got some Cowart Muscadine seeds for trade looking for Tommato, Tobaco or Egg plant seeds for trade i also have very large dia. cuttings from +5 year old's for sale $5 each Cowarts are purple grapes great for jelly jams or wino's lol
Asparagus plants?

Hi all,

D0es any0ne happen t0 have any, 0r kn0w where I can buy s0me, asparagus? I miss it s0 much and just hate the st0cky, t0ugh stuff fr0m the gr0cery st0re that is $7 f0r a small bundle ab0ut 3 inches acr0ss. I can plant s0me, I have seeds but s0 d0n't want t0 wait 3 years t0 have any. N0t sure h0w it w0uld ship??
I have a few seeds from Acanthus Mollis, a gorgeous plant, google tells me can be used for a poltice but maybe toxic to goats. Mine does not like direct sun at all but some sources say it likes part sun. Hard to eradicate in the Northwest. Very showy. Can put in an envelope if someone wants them.
Red Bud Trees

Hi, All!!

We're just getting settled in our new place, and have TONS of red bud trees. I have clipped one branch, and placed it in water to see if it will start to root. If it does, I'll be able to do so with as many as I'd like, and it shouldn't cost much to ship them once they have rooted...right?

Anyway, I guess I'm just checking to see if anyone would be interested in having some red bud trees...?...?...?
I am in search of dahlias!!I read there are seeds?? We always planted tubers
but I am not sure..if anyone has any??
I would love some lemon balm. Please let me know if you still have any
I have local blackberry and apple mint (invasive), and spearmint which all do pretty well and would be easy to send small plants but would need to watch for cooler weather this time of year because shipping in 80+ degrees would possibly cause them to cook in the UPS or USPS truck.

For anyone not familiar with apple mint is is very soothing tea for stomach ailments and throw a sprig in my iced tea to make it a minty fresh mint julip type tea adds a nice flavor and scent. Since it is such a hearty aggressive plant I enjoy letting it get into an area I plan to reclaim and then dig it all up as a way of harvesting. Silliest thing I ever did was putting one by the garden hose valve where there is always a bit of water runoff and they got dug in there so deep they will be there forever - good part is the excess water that runs off there will never make it muddy because the mint drinks it all. They Like water.
Add to that currently have rooted fig cuttings, purslane and goldenrod getting pretty vigorous around the yard this year. Could also provide prickly pear cactus (edible fruits but always wear gloves if handling this cactus - it has a million micro thorns you cant see) to make food have to peal the skin off the many purple fruits supposed to be super good for you.

um stuff I would like to find include jobes tears (seeds) or tea plants
I would love some lemon balm. Please let me know if you still have any
if you want some, I have more lemon balm than anyone could possibly use and could send you some. Be aware that it self-sows like crazy in addition to spreading (it's in the mint family, you know?).
Ray, what kind of figs do you have?
I think chrww is the best grass for goats.... because it gets goats fat
Oh yes, I want to trade. I guess what I called yellow is actually a yellow/orange. This is a pic from last year, not a great one, but gives you the colors of them. The reds are in there too.
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