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A place to list our plants to share or wanted plants.
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I really want some ground cherries, the little yellow berries that come in a "paper" case like tomatillos, I think it's a physallis? I've heard that people up north have them like weeds so if you do, I'd be happy to get some of your weeds :)
I have red and yellow cannas, I will be digging up as they are marching into my roses and iris's.

My DH would appreciate it if I shared them with somebody, instead of randomly planting them where ever I want too dance: as they always seem to get in his way when he mows or weed eats :twisted
I had the prettiest cannas yrs ago only to be munched down by my Jackie! They grew back but then we sold the farm and moved. Let me know what you decide to do....I'd be interested in some. I have some lavender to trade, hmmm......lets see, I'll check this weekend and see what else is taking over out there in my herb beds.
Oh yes, I want to trade. I guess what I called yellow is actually a yellow/orange. This is a pic from last year, not a great one, but gives you the colors of them. The reds are in there too.

I will, hopefully, be digging them up next week.
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kuwaha said:
I really want some ground cherries, the little yellow berries that come in a "paper" case like tomatillos, I think it's a physallis? I've heard that people up north have them like weeds so if you do, I'd be happy to get some of your weeds :)
I have some seeds. If you will PM me with your address.. I'll share what little I have. I have Ground Cherry, (strawberry husk tomatoes) they do have a husk... and Tomatillo- Purple.. tomatillo.. which I think do not have husk. Both are a heirloom.
Can't seen many... as I only have 25 seeds of both.. till they are planted and harvest for seed again... but I will share. Old folks said that sharing made your crop double in size due to your kindness.. if so.. that works for me.
Thank you so much! I used to eat them in Zambia when I was a kid so am really looking forward to it :)
I am interested in cuttings from Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry etc. Please email me and let me know what you have. Thanks so much!

[email protected]
Will need a head count on how many people want Goji berry (Wolfberry) starts. I will do runner starts according to order, be in mind it will take two months before you get your starts. I want to make sure the roots have a strong system for transport.

I am looking for slippery elm starts. I would like at least five good starts.

Does anyone want any Lemon Balm? Melissa Officinalis.

They should fit into a small box since the roots system is shallow and they just have 2 sets of leaves so far.

We also have Horseradish if anyone wants a piece of that as well. (invasive but yummy).
Postage only.
Yes please Lee all of the above boy am I ever going to owe you.
my ginger lillies are doing good.
Hi Lee......would love some horseradish, been wanting some forever. Let me know what the postage is. :):)
I have wild blackberries and raspberries, that are basically weeds, they are that common. I notice that small leaves were just starting on the blackberries, before our snow. I wish I could ship you all the ones that I need to remove! They are very invasive!
Please trade your extra items, what you don't need or want just might be what I don't have! I also have lots of garden seeds, and tobacco if anyone is interested in seed swaps.
Kinda behind from the silly winter flashback but will get some horseradish and lemon balm shipped out Monday next week so they have no layovers in the PO.
I have tansy I'm about to cut back drastically if anyone wants some.
Don't touch when Pregnant though.
Karen I'll take some of that tansy. And if you have any calendula or Jewel weed ;) I'll take some seed. Tam
Years ago when I was a teenager my mother's garden was full of what we called Mexican marigolds. They grew like weeds and we were forever pulling them out until I grew to hate them. Now I'm into herbal creams, tonics etc I discover they were calendula!! I still haven't brought myself to actually plant any yet though :) And jewel weed I only saw for the first time last year in the wild... pretty,
The name Mexican Marigold is also used to refer to a tarragon flavored Tagetes lucida which is a true marigold with a tiny flower and is a short lived perennial native to Central America that is used as a culinary seasoning.
It is also called mint marigold.

Calendula is Calendula officinalis and is an annual native to Mediterranean countries.

Interesting that you should mention this as I was looking for seed for Tagetes.
Lee - you're like an Encyclopedia Brittanica - your knowledge amazes me :)
but I'm old and I don't have a tv....
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