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  1. rg1950

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    Does Pirsue cause a doe to dry up? or should they still milk the same amount of milk before and after the treaments?
  2. BlissBerry

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    Pirsue is a lactating cow treatment. In no way does it cause a doe to dry up or decrease production.


  3. Kaye White

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    To date...I've only found one mastitis (dry) treatment that will cause a doe to dry faster than just to quit milking her. And I'm not posting it on an open forum. Totally off lable and will not be responsible for the consequences of using it.

    There is no such thing as a "dry treatment" that causes a doe to quit milking. It is caused by supply and demand. You milk the doe out, she produces more milk...so a long as you demand the milk, she will supply it.

    With "dry treaments" ... they are used in the last milking that you do on a doe, to keep a high level of medication in the udder to fight the bacteria that is there.