Pinkeye questions

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    We have pinkeye. :(

    It has been contained to the dry doe pen until today - it looks like a milker might be getting it.

    I assume that we cannot use the terramycin eye ointment or LA200 in a milker. What CAN we do without having to withdraw milk?

    Also - how long does it take a bad case to clear up? A couple girls still look really bad after a week. I am so heartbroken. It makes me feel so bad to look at them that I am making husband do all of the treatment.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Don't know if this is any help but daughter used something called "bright eyes" on her heifer that had "maybe" pink eye. It cleared it up whatever it was. Its an herbal based eye and wound spray. I think it was made by AGRI DYNAMICS.
    Wish I could tell you more about it.

    I had pink eye once and I NEVER want to have it again :shudder

  3. BlueHeronFarm

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    I'll see if our feed store has that. I was told regular human eye wash is good, too, for ones who look like they *might* be getting it.


    It is really awful.
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    Anything you use will only lessen syptoms, and opthimalic use of an antibiotic does not give you milk withdrawal issues. You can use terrimycin or any dry cow infusion, vinegar sprayed, anything acidic to change the PH of the eye so infection does not set in. If you stop using it daily the symptoms will come back because it is a virus, it has to run it's course.

    The bad thing about pinkeye is that in goats it is usually mycoplsma or chlamydia and all pinkeye this time of year will explain the abortion storm you will have this winter when any of these girls are heavy bred, are bred to the same buck who then passees it around.

    I would do a culture before treatment so you know what you are dealing with. Tetracycline given systemically right now not for the treatment of the pinkeye but for the mycoplasma or chlaymdia is certainly better in the loss of milksales for 2 weeks, than an abortion storm this winter than gives you does not in full production, loss of kids and then having to use it on the whole herd.

    IF you are already breeding these does, treat the bucks also.

    In purchased goats like yours being new, does who catch this have no immunity to it, those who don't do. Make sure and use some of thier colostrum from does who do not catch this on all your replacement kids.

    It's spread by flies, so make sure and use Quick Bayt, I have zero flies in the barn right now, with all this rain that is right up there with a miricle.

    If this cultures mycoplasma and you can send blood in at the same time...I would vaccinate before breeding. Mycoplsama mastitis and pnemonia can ruin your herd. Vicki