peacock soap colors

Discussion in 'Soap Making' started by Sheryl, Jul 14, 2008.

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    Vicki, was curious to know if you are trying the peacock colors you told me about? Are they working. Please share.

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    Yes I have used at least all of the colors once now. They are beautiful. Take very very little to color the soap. I am splitting the soap into thirds and then coloring each section, then pouring and swirling. Right now the sink is being hooked up to water in my new soap room...the counter top which is stainless, turned out beautiful! When I get everything done in there I will take photos of my pshycadelic soaps, right now I am living out of boxes and everything all over the house trying to get soap made. Daughter went to the WOW convention (Women of the World it's a Christian organization for all denominations) and she sold out of 3 of my soaps and many others I am now back down to a couple of cases...good for me, but now it's more work again :) And my new mold isn't in yet!

    I promise to take pics of the soap house and the first in the soap house class is next Wednesday so it has to be done. Vicki