patchouli EO

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  1. is anyone buying this now? I am down to about 1/8 ounce and almost out of soap too. It sells well for me. I want to order some but it is so high right now.
    The company I ordered mine from before has 4 ouces for 12.84. Anyone have a better price or should I get this?
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    What company do you order from Becky?


  3. BlissBerry

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    Thanks Becky. I still have a pound of patch left but it never hurts to have more. :D

  4. I went ahead and ordered 8 ounces from her today. It should last a while, I use it in blends.
    If anyone else orders, look all through her site. She has tons of items, and really good prices. I order from her regularly. She has really great botanicals, ultramarines, etc. Her lip balm flavors have worked pretty well, and her EO's are good. I have been pleased with everything I bougt there except the Jeweled Citrus FO. It got so HOT it burned off all the scent. So maybe not for CP ( I did not force gel) but it did smell great! :)
    I gto soem pumice and a few other things too today.
    Shipping is fast ( within 5 days usually).
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    Let us know how you like the quality Becky! The prices are good :D

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    Yes, I'm curious about the quality because that is an extremely good price so I am skeptical...
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    Skeptical?? I'm having heart failure here....I just spent 70 something for 8 oz of patch and I could have gotten it from mystifyyoursenses for 25$!! Her other prices are amazing, I may just have to order some and see....
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    This is where I last ordered from a year ago...
    I got a 2 lb. bottle of the light Indonesian for $59.00! I think that deal is over, but what I have should last a long time. For soaps I add a little to Bergamot and Chamomile; and to a Raspberry FO.
  9. I have gotten this patch from her before and I thought it was great, very dark and fragrant smells just like the other patch I have sniffed. It soaps well too.
    I have used a few of her EO's and all have been really nice.