Palm Kernal Flakes

Discussion in 'Soap Making' started by Carolyn, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. Carolyn

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    We have a big box of palm kernel flakes, will have to weigh them. Susan gave us a deal along with a tub of coconut oil last May. Have been researching, but can't find much info on how to use it. found that is may be subbed for coconut oil or combined with coconut oil. Does anyone know if people that are allergic to nuts can use it. I know it will make a hard bar. Any more info? I think it was discussed at one point, but I can't find the info. :crazy Thanks. Carolyn
  2. MRFBarbara

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    It makes a very hard bar, but beware it can also make your soap trace fast.. you can play with it on a soap calculator to get the recipe you would like,,,
    As far as I know it has nothing to do with nuts, but could not be sure of this..

  3. Kalne

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    I use it in my soap. Sure would like the flakes over my hard-to-break up stuff. It's always the last thing to melt when melting my oils esp. if I didn't break it up small enough.
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