Pale diarrhea in a kid

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  1. OK I searched Goat keeping 101, and couldn't find what I was looking for, seems I remember Vicki posting once about the different colors of diarrhea a kid can have, and what it means..this doeling has had a course of sulfa in the last 3 weeks, is on a 20 oz bottle of whole cow milk 3x a day. Eating grain. Yesterday eve refused bottle. I started sulfa again. This AM refusing bottle and had liquid pasty almost white stools. Suggestions? Trying ReSorb, she doesn't want it. of course I am going to force feed some.

    Julie in OK
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    would be looking at ecoli

    Black is usually cocci
    Yellow is generally bacterial ie ecoli (but found in newborns as normal)
    green can be anything from changes in feed, new green grass, overeatting to bacterial
    smelly/ PUTRID is bacterial ie: generally ecoli...
    the kind of smell that makes you wretch
    sulfur type acrid smell
    white can be ecoli

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    The pig pump has the meds for E coli. I'd also give Diarsanyl to slow down the scouring.
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    Get a fecal sample in to find out. Use banamine first for scouring, it slows the gut. Fever? How old is the kid? Nobody fed her cold milk when she is used to warm? Too much milk can also give you this diarrhea, just plain scours. Usually with ecoli nobody would forget to post the smell. vicki