Oxytet dose

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  1. I looked but couldn't find an actual dose.
    I need to treat a kid. She's been getting Penn G and B1 every six hours (you'll never guess what I'm treating :sigh ). I'd like to use the Duramycin I purchased (they wee out of LA200).
    Simply can't find the dose...

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    3.5cc per 100 pounds of any 200mg tetracycline. You dont' want to use LA200 it has a sting carrier for cattle, how it makes it Long Acting for them. Subq in your goats. Vicki

  3. Thanks!
    The only reason I was going to use the LA200 over the Duramycin was it was what the vet suggested with the wether and I know it works. This is a doe and so I really don't want to lose her. I would have used Biomycin but have not ordered it yet and nowhere local carries it.