Overdue Nigerian, when to be concerned

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    I posted this on another forum and felt like i got alot of negative feedback for even asking. Hopefully this goes better.
    I have 2 3yo Nigerian dwarf/ pygmy mix does that were with a buck for 14 days. The 1st i saw flagging and what I thought was bred, she would be way past due (160 days)if it took then. Both my does are FF and it's been 152 days since the buck left the property. There are no other bucks so I'm positive it didn't happen later. I'm not too concerned about the one doe because he was chasing her around the last few days he was here so she shouldn't be too far past. The other one I'm pretty sure was bred before her. When should I get concerned about kid size or momma? Both are eating, drinking like normal. Bellies have dropped and utters have been growing for over a month, but haven't become tight, neither like thier rear ends touched and I'm new to pregnant goats, so between them and me, ligaments are hard to even touch. The 2nd doe has had slight mucus discharge and areas beside the tail look to be hollowing out. The overly pregnant one isn't giving me much of any signs other than being as wide as she is tall and uncomfortable.
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    Eazypeezy88: I would Check her Ligaments maybe the buck bred her but she didn't take the day you think FF does do not always take on the first attempt at breeding and Bucks will bring a doe in heat every time.

    Hopefully this photo comes out but there are ligaments on either side of the tail and if they vanish and you can stick both your thump finger and index finger touch each other then you have maybe 24 hours before babies come.

    here is a photo hopefully it comes out.

    [​IMG] it is right at the base of either side of the tail once you get the hang of that you will be a pro at it.
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