Overconditioned goats ??

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by LynninTX, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. LynninTX

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    Can goats become *over conditioned* on alfalfa pellets?

    I know my grain should be reasonable... and the amounts of grain I feed are on the LOW side I believe...

    I feed in cups not lbs, but just weighed it and

    my highest milkers are getting 1 1/2lbs per milking... milking 8-9lbs a day...

    my lowest are getting 3/4lb per milking.... milking 4-5lbs a day...

    the rest are in the middle....

    My milk stand grain is whole oats with a little corn or boss and a squirt of oil...
  2. Sondra

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    yes and no kinda depends on the goat NOW I had a ND that I HAD to put on grass hay and pasture only because with alfalfa pellets and grass hay she was just a barn and couldn't conceive was just way to fat. You are getting one MM this week that is basically the same way but I never cut her because she has to be in with all the others she is a short squatty doe but milks alot for her size.

  3. susie

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    :yeahthat :blush I must've been typing at at the same time

    Just off the top of my head I'd say it depends on the goat-- My 2 yr old cow is fat as a hippo and she just gets grass pasture I even try to ration it to her-- she's got a fast-growing calf on her too.

  4. leslieh

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    Like stated above. Depends. On most of mine, no. But on one saanen doe, yes. Of course, she is the one who guards the feeder and will eat if she thinks someone else is going to get it instead of her!

  5. NubianSoaps.com

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    Not a doe in milk here. But dry does are limited the alfalfa pellets if they are fat. And make sure you are feeling of the doe over her ribs and not looking at the nice deep barrell/body capacity feeding alfalfa does for you! Vicki