OT Lip Balms and legality questions

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  1. I am considering trying some Lip Balms for the Pumpkin Festival coming up. I was at Aromahaven because I need to order more bags anyways and got to looking around. I know nothing about this stuff though.
    My question is about the Shea and Jojoba Base on this page;
    Is it a Melt and Pour type base like the "Natural" base they have listed further down, or does it requre more added to it? Anyone used AromaHaven's lip blam bases and flavor oils? What does one use to color these things?
    Am I consiering tackling something pretty quickly that I shouldn't?
    The Pumpkin Festival is the weekend of the 26-28th.

    Thanks a lot!
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    Re: OT Lip Balms

    I don't think you *have* to add anything to it. I like to leave mine uncolored and only offer it plain or with peppermint eo. I don't think you can go wrong with a base though making it yourself isn't all too difficult.

  3. Re: OT Lip Balms

    If it went well, I might look into trying to make my own. I am still in the baby steps of all of this though. I didn't go the melt and pour route when learning to make soap, but due to time constraints want to go the melt and pour route for this to see if it is economically a good idea for this area. Best way is to test at the Punkin Fester. lol Debbie is also hauling my soaps to local craft shows along with her candles, so more chances to see if it is worthwhile.
    I need to order bags tomorrow or the next day so need to make a decision on whether I go ahead and make the dive or not.

    Thanks! :D
  4. Well, I ordered some stuff ofr lip balm making.
    My older sister, who sells my soaps alongside her candles, is concerned about it getting into the cosmetic arena and needing licensing for it.
    What are the legal issues surrounding cosmetics? Do I need a license of some sort to carry some lip balm? At some point, I ought to get into lotion making anyways (I have customers requesting it), so I assume I will need to get a license at some point. What type of license do you need? Business? Anything more specific?
    Can I sell this first batch of lip balm without getting a license first?

    Thanks very much!
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    Hmmm, I don't think you need a license for making cosmetics. But that might vary by state as I *think* I recall someone in FL saying they did. A business license would also vary by state and county I think. I stopped by at one of our county offices (can't remember what it was called) and explained what I planned to do and asked if I needed a license of any sort and they told me no. It may be because I am not in the city. I did have to get a sales tax number.