One big plus to investing in the best stock that you can afford to...

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  1. Qvrfullmidwife

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    I read and took to heart all of the admonishments about it taking just as much money to feed poor stock as good stock, etc...but each kidding season reminds me.

    When you invest in the very best that you can possibly afford, kidding season is far less stressful. For me, the few "just milkers" that we have, the stake is so much higher for each kid...if it isnt a doe, it seems such a waste...

    With better stock, whatever you get is a bonus! In the case today, one of our best does kidded, the sire being the buck that we waited 2 years for from Southfork, the one on ADGA 'qualifying young sire' list.

    We got two bucks.

    Now, of course we would have liked a doe as well, but in the end...we not only got the buck that we desired, but we got $$ in the bank by the second buck. Really, no thought of him ending up as barbecue, no fears of having to feed him for a long time while we wait for a buyer. I sat there with both of them in my lap feeding colostrum and just LOL...our future herd sire and a bonus.

    Gotta love it.

  2. Feral Nature

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    Congats LeeAnne! It reminds me of when I was a little kid and we were getting a puppy. My dad said it took just as much money, time, energy, food to raise a good dog as it did to raise a mutt. He went out and bought a real nice registered Bassett hound puppy. Later we used him for a stud dog as he had good bloodlines. I always hear my dad's voice with that line though and although I do not always follow that example, it is certainly true.

  3. New Member

    Great point...but common it would have been nice for a doe out of that mating!!!!! :) And congrats on kidding season starting. Vicki
  4. LynninTX

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    Being the proud owner of one of her bucks....

    I drool over this news....

    Of course I drool over her does too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am a rather soggy mess! And LA has incredible goats!
  5. Sondra

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    Congratulations LeeAnn
  6. Qvrfullmidwife

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    "it would have been nice for a doe out of that mating!!!!"

    Well, of course! But still, all in all it is nice to know that doe or buck there is value in what you have sitting in your lap!
  7. goatkid

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    Congratulations. I agree that it is a good idea to buy the best example of the breed you can afford. I remember reading that in a cat book when I was thinking of raising Persians and have been applying that principle to raising Nubians and using my friend's bucks on my grade does.
  8. Melissa

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    this talk really makes me glad I'm going to do AI this fall, so I can get the best I can. (I dicided to go to that class in Jeff city March 28-29)

  9. Tim Pruitt

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    That's great LeeAnne! It is a wise investment to obtain quality stock. Breeding mediocre bucks to mediocre does will only produce more mediocre animals. Even the best feed in the world will not make a mediocre animal into an animal of excellence. In order to raise your herd to a higher standard, you must be breeding to bucks of superior genetics and yes, it pays off.

    Congratulations on those new kids!
  10. BlueHeronFarm

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    Well -- I'm glad that poor little tank finally kidded! ;)