Okay, probably a REALLY dumb question about wipes/dips...

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    But I've been using a Chlorhex udder wash the past two years I've been milking. I only milk 1-2 does at a time and finally the bottle is almost empty.

    But I've been reading that Iodine is much better to use than Chlorhex. So, here's my questions...

    1. Does iodine udder wash stain your hands like regular iodine?

    2. I have a really bad reaction (can't breathe and eyes water like crazy) if I try to use straight iodine for dipping navels. Hence why I always use Chlorhex for dipping navels on my foals and kids. Is a wash/dip going to be more mild and not do that to me?

    3. I've never used a post dip and believe I want to start doing that as well. So, do you just dip it on in a dip cup and then let the doe out? Then just wash it off with your pre-washing rag/wash solution?

    Thanks for putting up with my ignorant ?'s!! Jenny
  2. Sondra

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    post dipping I do with spray bottle leave on milk stand a bit 1/4 cup clorox to 1 gal water.
    personally if you have a problem with iodine then I wouldn't use it keep using your chlorhex or use same clorox solution for per wash.

  3. NubianSoaps.com

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    I don't use iodine because of my asthma, I have to be very careful with it during kidding season...nothing cauterizes and dries the navel cord and feet like it in our humidity.

    I have been using the recipe for chlorhexideen teat dip (I do not use the glycerine but do use the dilution in QC supply .com this year. I also use an up sprayer and move it around while spraying, so it saturates the whole teat and udder floor. I am not a fan of teat cups, they are dirty and have residue in them from the last doe dipped. I also let the goats finish their grain on the milkstand while I tend to other things between groups of goats so there is plenty of contact with the teat dip and dry time. Besides no matter what I use my girls will lick it off, even fly spray on whereever they can reach if I let them down straight away. Vicki
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    I like to dip, but thats just me :) Also I would think that dipping would be better if stuff in the air irritates your lungs. I use a .6% iodine and it has no odor that I notice. It doesn't stain my hands or teats. I bring in two does at a time and by the time the second doe is done I can hardly see whether I've remembered to dip the first doe or not..it soaks in that fast-definitely no sign of it at next milking. I like chlohex. too..I use both..Iodine on the teats and the chlohex on boo boo's, bumps or dry spots on the udder.
  5. I am all for Iodine teat dips, and use them just as that a DIP! I have used the spray kinds but, never have been happy with them. Either you flood the teat with dip to get it on all sides on the teat. Or, you end up just hitting one side of the teat. So, I use a non-return standard style dipper. Green colored top for post dipping and a red top for pre-dipping. I use different dips for pre and post, but you dont have too. Its just I use a thick no-dip dip as a post.

    As far as udder washes...The level of iodine in the wash is so low that it will not stain your hands. But, some you will get a iodine smell with them. Most state on the jug to mix to 10ppm...that is WAY to low of a level to do any killing of bacteria. Need to boot it up to about 100ppm or higher to get a good kill rate. Now, if the smell of iodine is what is bothering you, there was research that just came out in the Journal of Dairy Science, that they had excellent results with Chrolox pre-dip. They mixed it to the amount of 250ppm and then added 1oz of dish soap to a gallon. With this you need to mix a new batch for every milking. But, they found it worked just as well as an Iodine dip for pre-dipping.

    Ken in MO
  6. whimmididdle

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    """""They mixed it to the amount of 250ppm and then added 1oz of dish soap to a gallon. With this you need to mix a new batch for every milking.... Ken """"

    OK.....this is what I use. Now, will somebody good at math break the 250ppm down for me into cc's or oz's, where I can take a look and compare it to what I use now.

    Thanks, Whim
  7. LMonty

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    If I was having a reaction that included "hard to breathe" to any substance- I would stay far, far away from it. Even low levels of it, if possible. Real allergy reactions can be a big problem.
  8. Whim you use the name brand or the cheap stuff?

    Name brand its .75 oz to a gallon

    Cheap Stuff its 1 oz to a gallon

    Ken in MO
  9. whimmididdle

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    I use Clorox and Dawn.

    Thanks Ken....that's very close to my mix here. I mix fresh before every milking, so am only mixing up about 1 pt. of wash at a time.
    So far, I'm happy with this mix.....but will know more when I give it the full run through about the end of November.

    Thanks again.