Okay, I know I am wasting, so help me not to

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Liberty Alpines, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. Liberty Alpines

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    What is the percentage of iodine to water for a teat dip? I have 10% iodine, how much do I mix with water? I have just been dumping some in, and I know I'm wasting. What do all of you do? Thanks! :D Kristin
  2. mill-valley

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    The one I use comes already mixed. I believe it's 0.5%.

  3. BlissBerry

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    What you are doing is NOT a good idea. Iodine can be very harsh stuff and is also drying, especially since you don't know how much you are dumping in! Also, iodine teat dips have skin conditioners that keep the teats and teat ends in good condition.

    I personally don't know of anyone who mixes their own iodine teat dip. Buy it premixed instead of guessing and possibly causing problems.

  4. wheytogosaanens

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    I want to know where you got 10% iodine! :) We can only get 7% from our vet and it is pricey (almost 3X what we used to pay when we ordered from Jeffers or got it from the local feed store).

  5. Liberty Alpines

    Liberty Alpines New Member

    Well, our family sells medical supplies and we have gallons and gallons of expired povidone (10% iodine solution) sitting around. They aren't real expired, just a couple months or so. I just hate to buy teat dip plus pay shipping when I have all of this iodine around. Any ideas? Should I add some dish soap or something?
  6. Feral Nature

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    0.5-1.0% I believe is the dilution...I use bleach water. If i had all that Iodine, I would probably waste it too. It is drying though.

    Anyway, 1 part 10% iodine to 200 parts water. Or 1 part iodine to 100 parts water, for the stronger 1.0% dilution

    PLEASE somebody if my math is off, CORRECT IT! Somehow i feel this is horribly wrong.
  7. NubianSoaps.com

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    Could you add glycerine to it like you do with the chlorhexideen teat dip? Vicki
  8. Sharpgoat

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    I was looking on the web about Povidone Iodine and here some info.


    Povidone Iodine Prep & Scrub Solution Prep Solution 10% Povidone Iodine Solution Usp Solution Equivalent To 1% Iodine.



    Usually used in an alcoholic solution (called tincture of iodine) or as Lugol's iodine solution as a pre- and post-operative antiseptic. No longer recommended to disinfect minor wounds because it induces scar tissue formation and increases healing time. Gentle washing with mild soap and water or rinsing a scrape with sterile saline is a better practice. Novel iodine antiseptics containing povidone-iodine (an iodophor, complex of povidone, a water-soluble polymer, with triiodide anions I3-, containing about 10% of active iodine) are far better tolerated, don't affect wound healing negativelly and leave a depot of active iodine, creating the so-called "remanent," or persistent, effect. The great advantage of iodine antiseptics is the widest scope of antimicrobial activity, killing all principial pathogenes and given enough time even spores, which are considered to be the most difficult form of microorganisms to be inactivated by disinfectants and antiseptics.

    So I do not know if this well help :biggrin
  9. An answer to Vicki's question is what I would like to know too. Boy would I like to have some of that 10% iodine! I use a betadine spray mixed 1 part betadine to 100 parts water. I have also taken to washing with our pet soap on Ava's udder and teats after milking because of the flies, then spray the orfice with Fight Bac. She hasn't gotten dried or cracked so far this year. Tammy