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    I sold a doe to a gentleman and his wife. She kidded in May and he allowed the kids to suckle. No kids are on her at this time. At some point the doe developed a lump where her teat meets the udder. The wife thinks there may have been a tiny lump when the doe was purchased. I machine milk and don’t remember any lump, but it may have been there. He reports that the lump was soft and when pressed leaked a small amount of fluid and that he had aspirated the lump. I saw the doe today and the lump was cone shaped vs. round. I felt it and it was soft and thought it might be some type of isolated infection from a splinter. I aspirated the lump and expected to see infection. What came out was a clear fluid which was followed by blood when the lump was empty. The gentleman stated this is what happened when he aspirated it and that it continued to refill with fluid for the next three days to the size I saw it at today. When the lump did not have any fluid in it the area felt like something might have been it, like a splinter. The doe is in flawless condition and appears to be suffering no ill effects from this lump such as teat/udder soreness or lack of appetite. He also reported he had infused the doe as he was concerned that milk had an off flavor. The udder is soft and pliable and has no signs of any type of mastitis. I thought the lump might be some kind of cyst, but I really don’t have a clue of what it is or what might work to correct this issue. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

    As always, thank you in advance for your input.

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    Just as humans have little oil glands around the edge of the nipple where it meets the breast, goats have the same where the teat meets the udder. Sometimes one of those little glands gets inflamed and/or infected.

    I had this happen on one of my does.

    Vicki can tell you how to treat it.

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    Hi Jolene, we get these also, for us they always have milk in them. When the doe is dry you can't even tell they are there, we aspirate them which colapses them down against the udder for showing but other than that I don't mess with them, and I also make sure and teat dip them. Does the doe have excellent dairy character with more than her share of loose pliable skin? I know for me it was always our does with excellent skin that had these little blowouts. Vicki