Nursing one to now three

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    I hope that I can explain this correctly.. and I will try to have this be my last question for a while..

    The doe that I posted back with the mastitis. She kidded with three. and had no milk at least barely enough for one. I tried to pull all the kids. but the buck kid would absolutely not take a bottle and after three days of tube feeding him I just put him back on her.. and did the "today" treatment each day alternating udders. well now the udder seems to be back to normall. soft, supple etc... I put the girls ( her two daughters) back out in the pasture with her.. I have been nursing them with a Nubian doe that I tie and let them nurse three times a day.. but anyways the doe(their mother) called the them and nursed the girls...

    My question is now that her udder is better. and she obviously will accept them back.. or at least wants them you think I can give her all three babies again? I am afraid for the boy because he wont take a bottle so I am concerned for him if the girls take it all? any ideas or suggestions. I really don't like the bottle kid thing.. and even with the Nubian I have to give the girls a bottle in the morning and at night,, because the Nubian barley makes enough milk..

    The Doe is on 3 lbs of pellets a day.. I can put her on free choice pellets if that would help. she does get grain also..

    Do you guys think I should try it? or just leave it be?

    Thanks again sorry its so long.
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    I never let any of my does nurse more than two kids. I especially would not let a doe just recovering from mastitis have three kids on her. As they grow, the kids tend to get more aggressive when they nurse and can injure the teats. If you don't want to bottle feed the kids, perhaps you can find someone who wants to raise a bottle baby to buy one of the doelings. I'd also watch and make sure the doe is producing enough milk for the kids on her and supplement if necessary.

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    I don't like triplets on a doe either because one always gets pushed away by the stronger two and suffers. I dam-rasied Gennie's kids 2 years ago, when she had triplet Boer cross babies. She had 2 bucks and a doe. At six weeks of age, i picked up the doeling and realized she was real light and felt "puny" even though she was slick and shiney and looked good. The bucks had a solid feel. I offered the doeling a bottle at 6 weeks old and she went mad for it! I felt bad thinking that if a Boer cross kid took a bottle that easily on her first try, then she was quite hungry. Since then, even Boers do not raise triplets, and I bottle-feed dairy goats.