Nubian History

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    Bill Burghart has started a Yahoo Group for Dairy Goat History and has recently posted articles about historic Nubian herds (Chikaming, Beckwood, Albuquerque, Evania, Hurricane Acres and Oakwood). If you don't want to joint the group but would like to see the articles, email me...

    These herd names are behind virtually all the Nubians I like so I'm delighted to have these articles (tho I actually provided one of them...)
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    I loved it that he put up some info on Dear Hearts today! They are why I have so many brood does out of Dear Hearts Omar, what a lovely herd they were...and so different of our goats today. I sent Bill all of my old stuff, several of my mentors are deceased now and I had ADGA books dating back to the American Milch records, I loved them but they certainly needed to be in someones hands that could archive them. In them were ads for wormers that contained arsenic!!! :)