No milk withdrawal with Rumensin

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  1. Sondra

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    BUT don't use decox using feed with rumensin. the two together can cause death. so what what is on your lables in otherwords don't feed sweetlix minerals with rumensin and goat meat pellets with dequinine )sp)

  2. BlueHeronFarm

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    While it may be safe, I am still a huge proponent of being able to label your milk for what is NOT in it. It is the one big difference we small producers can effectively make and market. I mean - this woman- I gather from the article, thinks it is also perfectly fine to give cows RgBH and not tell anyone. I take issue with that. Whether or not there are actually any human health effects from RgBh, I think consumers should be allowed to make the choice for themselves if they want milk with or without it.

    I wouldn't keep my milkers on rumensin. I feel it's a little against our "natural, whole food" mission. On the other hand, I do drink our milk after worming. I don't sell it, but I drink it. I guess the line there is that I know it is there and I make the choice.