Nigerian Ration question

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    How much grain should a milking Nigie be getting? I have a feeling we are under-feeding our does and I'm hoping to boost production. Our grain mix is probably 85% whole oats, 10% cracked corn and 5% BOSS with some calf manna sprinkled on top. The have free choice grass hay, all the browse they can find and I give the whole herd alfalfa pellets at night.
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    My mini's get up to a pound on the milk stand depending on their production and I did the same when I had ND of course if your increasing grain do it gradually also all milkers regardless get 3 lb alfalfa pellets per day.

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    I'm not real sure how to give you my opinion too on this question. Not knowing how much of this "Feed" each doe is getting would be a bigger question to me. Each doe will have a little different requirement when it comes to feed amounts. Some will convert feed to milk better than others, and then some will just turn that extra feed into fat.
    Kaye give me a formula last year that has helped me figure out when max feeding is getting close to max milking. I will post her reply to me here, as it may help answer your question to some degree.
    I will say this though, and you may already know it.....ND's can get fat real easy, and are capable of gaining some weight while pouring out milk at the same time.


    Kaye's Quote;
    """" Not complicated. The milk/feed ratio is figured on goats at 1# of grain for
    every 3#'s of milk.
    You also take into account the freshening date. When they are at 2/2 and
    starting to get's time to decrease the grain amount. Milking tissue
    in the udder is replaced by fat when it shows on the outside of body. When I
    get a doe that's getting 2#'s of grain and I'm not getting 6#'s of milk(one
    milking)...I start looking at drying her off. Seldom do I let a doe get down
    to 1# of grain...It's not worth my time to run her through the milk line.
    Off feed and dried off.
    Swiss breeds for example should peak at about 3-4 mo. then SLOWLY start
    declining,whereas Nubians (Most) will have a fast peak and a fast drop off.

    Does that make any sense?"""""""