Nigerian Dwarf Lines

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Bilrite Farms, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. Bilrite Farms

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    Same as the others... a general discussion on the breed? Whose animals do you admire and why? Historic animals and herds? Often, unless they are close by, I just don't get to hear about other herds and I'd like to learn more.
  2. Odeon

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    There are just so many good herds out there, I think this is an exciting time to be into Nigerians... I really like Rosasharn andTwin-Creeks.. The Goodwood herd is behind most of the great lines. PromisedLand, Dills, Piddlin Acres and Buttin'Heads all have some nice animals as well! Out on the West-Coast, I like Algedi Farm, Dream-Weavers, and "Odeon" of course! ;0)

    Serously tho.. there are a LOT of nice Nigerian herds out there, even some from "unknown" herds.. ones not in the mainstream.


  3. BethW

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    Old Mountain Farm (in Maine, I think) has beautiful goats.
  4. Feral Nature

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    I never thought much about Nigerians til I saw a local horned pet herd down the road. Cute cute cute! A woman has about 20 of them penned together and they are wonderful to look at. She also has that many horned Pygmies in another pen....and another pen of full-sized Nubians. But the Nigies are really cute. And little bitty! My MiniManchas are small, I thought, til i saw the Nigerians!
  5. MysticHollowGoats

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    As for historical animal, my vote goes for Raha Acres Twink's Pixie.
    Boy oh boy does that doe have her stamp all over the place and for good reason!

    I am in agreement with Odeon (whose goats really are beautiful) on the Rosasharn, Twin-Creeks, Piddlin Acres and Goodwood herds.
  6. whimmididdle

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    Stonewalls comes to mind, plus those that Ken mentioned........I'm finding some very nice no- name farms up and down the east coast........Lots of them are like me, and only keep a handful at any given time. I suspect in a little more time, that many will get lost in some of these backwoods farms just like some Nubian's have down here. Lots of very nice goats find these homes to live at, and it's a real pleasure to stumble upon these from time to time.
  7. Agape Oaks

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    I like Flat Rocks a lot & Lost Valley. Most of my goats are Flat Rocks & go back to Flat Rocks Surprise. I LOVE it when they're polled & I don't have to disbud :).
  8. Ravens Haven

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    I agree with Whim there are some really nice animals in no-name herds around here...Ancient Oaks..(most of them go back to Rosasharn)..Little Tot's Estates...Yellow Rose....Double Gate...and those are just here in Georgia....