newborn w/UTI ?

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  1. :crazy This is the way I feel lately.

    I have a twin doeling kidded three days ago that is squatting to pee a lot. Most of the time nothing or maybe just a few drops are coming out. I have seen her pee normally and I have seen her poop so I know all the parts are working. She is eating fine. She doesn't have a temp but I have noticed she isn't quite as playful as her brother. When she squats she really seems to squat low too. Any suggestions? I thought I had read something like this before but I couldn't find it in the search.

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    Is this kid hydrated? With her not feeling well plus the fact she's only urinating a small amount I'd be more concerned with hydration. She's 3 days old...a little young for a UTI. Try giving her some SQ fluids...20cc and see if it increases the output and makes her feel better. If it does then in about 3 hrs. give her 30 more cc. You need to stop her from going downhill because they will crash FAST.

    And just giving her fluids orally will not reverse the hydration she needs it SQ.

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    Please excues my ignorance . . . how do you administer fluids SQ (does this mean sub-cutaniously?)
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    Yes, SQ is subcutaneously.