Newborn Boer buck kid.. weak in the hips, and a BIG Thanks to you folks!

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    I just wanted to let you all know that three weeks ago, we got a newborn Boer buck kid. He is an Awesome kid, whom we fell in love with immedietaly! :)
    He began having problems with his back legs within the first week, along with a respiratory infection...(we got him at just 24 hours old, and it was a LONG and very hot ride home.... He was severely stressed from just the ride itself.)

    To make a long story short, we used Nuflor, and probiotics to get him thru the respiratory junk....(Thanks to this forum.)

    He seemed fine after that,.....except that his hind legs seemed wobbly and weak all of a sudden. (We gave him 1/4 cc Bo-se on his second day, the day we got him home...........)

    We kind of expect weak legs on newborns...not of 3 week-old babies...., however. This little guy still had very weak back legs at 3 weeks old, and we began to worry alot about him. (Falling down.. hind legs just so wobbly that they turned every direction, joints turning the wrong way like a newborn sometimes does,... etc. It was awful to see... He was obviously uncomfortable... poor honey.)

    Little Joe HAS been growing... He is a sweetie, and he and our kitten "Sprocket," have become great pals.....(off subject, but I wish we had a video camera to record those two.. they are just adorable together...)

    Anyway ,

    Little Joe is now a 20 pound moose, but his back legs give out on him..........just now and then, and/or just turn in randomly, as though he is loose in the hips....Uh Oh........ Not a good thing....we were VERY worried about him.........we had driven almost 3 hours to get him, and we had completely fallen in love with him.... We certainly wanted him to be okay.....poor baby!

    We are planning on raising this beautiful boy to be our herdsire next year! We do NOT want one who is very shakey in the leg and feet area.......... And so, here is the reason for my post.......

    We were immedietaly worried about White Muscle Disease in this sweet little guy.......(another problem we have been blessed enuff not to have to deal with, until now. ) and so, I went on this forum, and did a search about it... and I read about the .5cc of Bo-Se and 400 I.U. of Vitamin E per day, and we started that regimen on our little Joe today, and ALREADY, we are seeing improvement!

    And so, THANK YOU! We, and our new little addition Joe, really appreciate all of the help that you give to us folks, whom you do not even know! :) Our little guy seems to be MUCH more energetic and surefooted ALREADY! Thanks again. SO MUCH! :) We, as well as our goats, appreciate all of your help!
    We will keep up this treatment for our little Joe, and hopefully, he will be just fine, and be our herdsire this next Fall! Thanks again, folks..SOO much! :)
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    AH poor guy hope this will cure it all

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    When you stress a newborn like that they can go into nutritional muscular destrophy. With very little selenium and E in milk you can see how this could become a real problem quickly. Vitamin E is the key here and when you have problems like this ditch the normal 1cc per 40 pounds and at least double it or simply give him shots for a couple days and then give it to him weekly. The E by mouth, at least 300 IU's so use a 400 capsule so when you squish out the contents the leftover is likely minus enough to be 300. You can do this everyday until he is 100%. You want to jump on stuff like this immedately not because of long term problems because once he was eating hay and grain and browse and his minerals, he would start consuming at least that much E, but because he can spring a pastern or ruin a tendon...and the rear is soo important in bucks.

    If you have a good relationship with the folks you purchased from you may want to make sure they know about bo-se shots. Vicki
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    thank you!
    She gave the mom Bo-se..............when, I am not sure........
    We have been doing thr 400 I.U of E. and Bo-Se as well........... he is doing GREAT now! Thanks! :)
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    Just a quick update.. Joey is doing GREAT! He is a very spoiled and very handsome little bottle-brat! He turned four weeks old on wednesday, and is growing very well, and all seems to be fine with him! :)
    Unfortunately, Sprocket, his little kitten friend, was killed by a car last week... :( We are all very sad about that, and I think little Joey misses him too... He tries to play with our other 2 cats, but they are scared of him and run away. Awww.....Poor Joe....and poor Sprocket....
    Anyway, thank you so much for the help! :)
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    Well this is bittersweet news! I am happy for you that Joey is doing so good, but I am sorry to hear about Sprocket. May he rest in peace.