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    welcome, glad to have you here! Agree that a wether is a good companion for a doe if you only want one- but youre probalby goign to want more thatn one, goats are like potatoe chips! LOL sometimes breeders will often throw in a dairy wether for you to have a companion for your milking doe at a very low price, or even free if they have a bunch that arent already spoken for! Might be worth asking about when you do go looking.

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    Wethers take as much food, milk, hoof trimming, worming and care as a doe, and he can not make you anything more than a few meals once in the freezer. They bully does and they are bullied by males. Another doe is the most economical so you can have year round milk, having one milking now and another milking the other half of the year. Feeding livestock that gives you no income isn't smart even on the smallest of scales. Plus if you don't keep him for life, or fall in love with him and then you won't let anyone eat him, most wethers have horrible lives.

    Keeping 2 milkers for family milk and a few extra gallons of milk for sale each week to family or friends, selling all their kids to pay their feed bill each year....and only keeping replacement doelings when you need to replace a milker, means goats you will keep for free. Vicki
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    plus, you'll be able to try your hand at making cheese, ice cream, and soap quicker if you have two does. I suggest ordering all your cultures and supplies BEFORE you bring your milking does home, that way you can have everything ready to go for later that month. good luck and welcome!!

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    If I went with a wether to just be a companion goat for a doe........then it would be a dwarf....He will eat much less feed, and really thats all he would be good for except petting. If it was a big wether, then he would go in the freezer every 6 months, and be replaced with a new one.
    With all the brood bucks that are gonna be around way I would feed a buck there. I would go with 2 doe's.....if there is way to much milk, then get a couple pigs to feed it to...and then eat them about twice a year.
    In otherwords...let whatever that you're gonna be feeding, produce something for you as an end result. A pound of feed in a wether, cost just as much as a pound of feed in a good milk doe.