New mama goat crying for other goats

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Renee Lottier, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Renee Lottier

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    I just had my first mama give birth. I had to remove her from the pen with my other DN mama because the other mama kept headbutting the newborn baby every time she stumbled too close. Now I have the new mama and her newborn in the barn together, but separated from the others. She sits in the pen and cries something awful! I feel like she thinks I'm punishing her. She's never been away from the others like this before. I'm worried that they won't be warm enough if I put them back out in the outside pens, even if I separate them. Am I being ridiculous? I don't want to stress her either, but I worry about the newborn.
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  2. TexasGoatman

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    Renee, don't stress ! She will get over it and you certainly want the baby warn and not harmed by the other goats. So you did the right thing by separating them. More than likely saved the baby's life. :rolleyes: