New here and have a few questions

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    We went to adopt a female duck from this rescue place and came home with two 4 month old Mini Lamancha weathers that are only 16 inches tall. They said they have had shots but never said anything about wormer. So what do I give a goat to worm them?
    The next thing is I was told and read about feeding them alfalfa hay or pellets not to give them any, Just sweet cob and hay...
    It gets pretty cold here in the winter and it is fast coming quick so not sure what I need to do. Can anyone please give me some advice?
    I have ordered books but they are still in shipping...
    Thanks for the help.
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    First i would get a fecal test run at a vet. Just need to take in some pellets from each one, and have them run a fecal, with an egg count, for parasites including coccidia. Go from there on worming. It should not be done on a schedule due to resistance building and wormers not working.
    Next, I would start reading topics in the health section here. TONS of good info there.
    Male goats can tend tie get urinary stones. Some are due tie genetics and some diet. Our bucks all get alfalfa, all hays are pretty much same price here, and no ill effects. Best advice is to make sure all feed is 2:1 calcium:phosphorus ratio.