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    The below means that if you have 3rd generations you can send in $3 and get them changed to americans, as long as they will be breed standard, until March! Vicki

    MDGA updates?
    From: Eliya Forster ([email protected])
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    Hello MDGA members. Andrea asked me to send out this email to the MDGA members to let you all know about some of the exciting things that are happening at MDGA. Most of you have probably heard about the virtual show program by now, but here are a few more things that you should all know about. (If you haven't heard about the v-show, check out the MDGA website at ).

    MILK TESTING: Would you like to let your mini dairy does earn milk production stars? Would you like to know how much butterfat and protein your mini doe is producing? Would you like to have ?official? milk records to offer buyers? Have you not started DHI milk testing because of NAIS or other governmental programs? If your answer was 'yes' to any of these questions, MDGA?s in-house milk testing program is for you! If you are interested on being on milk test this year, you must sign your herd up with MDGA before your first doe freshens. You will be sent a packet to fill out with information about the herd and does to be tested as well as complete instructions on how to do the milk testing. Check out MDGA?s website ( ) for details and to sign up for the milk testing program. MDGA also provides DHIA milk testing - Does must be MDGA registered to participate in either program.

    AMERICAN REGISTRATION: MDGA is changing the way American miniature dairy goats are registered. It used to be that you could register your 3rd+ generation kid as an experimental and then if they still met the breed standard at 1 year old, you could send the experimental papers in along with a height measurement to upgrade them to American. Now the process has been changed to make it simpler. You can now register your kids as Americans if you believe they will continue to meet the breed standard as they mature. The changes are in effect as of January 1st, 2009. 3rd+ gens that meet the breed standard but are registered as Experimentals will have until March 1st, 2009 to upgrade to American. After 3/1/09 there will be no upgrading. So, if you have any goats that are eligible for American that are currently registered as Experimental, be sure to send their papers in before March 1st. Upgrade is $3 for members and $10 for non-members.

    MEMBERSHIP: Memberships run from Jan. 1st-Dec 31st. To be listed on the website, your membership must be submitted by 3/1/09.

    If you have not already done so, you may want to join the MDGA Info Yahoo Group. Many mini-dairy goat and MDGA issues are disscussed there. It is a great way to be involved in the registry and connect with other mini-dairy goat breeders. Check out

    I hope you all have a wonderful new year with lots of doe kids born! Happy goating!

    Eliya (MDGA webmaster)

    MDGA website:
    Yahoo Group for MDGA members:
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    Please excuse my ignorance.

    I have 3 animals that meet the 3rd gen and breed standard requirements.

    Why would I want them registered as American?

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    Have you join MDGA yet? If you read the rulebook this saves you one whole generation doing this, and taking a photo and sending it in, to be American now, one more breeding and you have purebreds. I am changing mine only because of sales, since I won't be using a buck who is 4th generation or purebred because I don't want to go smaller. Vicki