New bucklings - urinary calculi prevention question

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    I have two wonderful Nubian bucklings, just under two weeks old. We are bottle feeding (yes, goat milk, not replacer.) I'm asking the following questions to get ahead of the game. We've not had a buck of our own before.

    When do you start adding amonium chloride to their feed? I read in Goatkeeping 101 that it's 1/8th tsp per 25 pounds if added to their water. Is that something that you would do every day?

    Is top dressing feed a better solution?

    Thank you!
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    I need to erase the water AC information, there is no way it can work. You have no control over how much kids or goats for that matter drink. Can you tell me which thread Rose?

    It's pretty simple to just start putting out meat goat pellets that already contain AC in them. Better quality ones have alfalfa meal listed in the ingredients.

    If you want to feed grain than the dosage is 1 teaspoon per head per day no matter the size or age of the buck. Since few of us a feed sweet feeds anymore that used to stick the AC quite nicely to it, you can add about a teaspoon of oil to the grain and then swish the AC into the oil to stick it to it. Vicki

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    The thread about urinary calculi is,13.0.html

    I really didn't want to feed them grain as such, knowing the problems that causes. I'll look for the meat goat ration at our local feed store.

    They aren't really interested in nibbling much yet. Tasting everything, but not actually *eating*.

    They have good clover mix hay available for when they start consuming more solids.

    Thanks, Vicki!
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    Rose, I use the 16% meat goat pellet with ammonium chloride at Kent there in Alton. Youngs sells the Country Acres which I think has the Ammonium Choloride in it too. Hirschs also has a meat goat pellet but I am not sure whether it has the AC in it or not.