New babies (pic)

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by whimmididdle, Feb 23, 2008.

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    Here are the pics of the new babies. The black is a doe and the two buckskins are bucks. My vet took one of the bucks for a bottle baby, so we now have a doe and a buck. Hard, hard, hard night. Thanks Sondra for all of your help, we have flushed and given meds. now time for me to get some sleep, tell yall the rest of the story later.


  2. Sheryl

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    awwww they are so cute! Is this the doe you took a pic of earlier that looked like she'd swallowed a barrel?


    congrats too

  3. Sondra

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    Yep that is Paige and a wonderful outcome to an otherwise horrific experience. Congratulations goes out to Ann (Whim's wife) for going in and saving those kids and doe. Get some well needed sleep now Whim very cute kids
  4. Ravens Haven

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    Congratulations. YEp a definate wonderful outcome to a horrible kidding..

    Sleep whim,

  5. LMonty

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    adorable, whim, I love the coloring esp on that little buck in the middle!
  6. Cotton Eyed Does

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    Aww... what cuties. :biggrin And congrats on a good job.
  7. Agape Oaks

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    Congrat Whim!
    Is it just coincidence or is it more troubles with triplets? All of our problem deliveries have always been triplets, twins or quads seem to have fewer issues. Of course the HUGE buck we had last night was hard....but that was a size thing, not a twisted or tangled kid problem
  8. Chaty

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    :handclap :handclap Way to go Whim and wife...and Sondra too... and I bet you are saying :needcoffee CONGRATS again...they are Beautiful..
  9. Nancy

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    They are too cute!!! Congrats.
  10. goatkid

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    Congratulations. They are very cute. I'm glad things turned out OK. My only real trainwreck involved a big set of twins. It must be hard going into a Nigie to sort out tangled kids. Good job. Kathie
  11. Shykid Acres

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    They are so beautiful. Good job!
  12. goatmom

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    Congrats Whim and Wife!! those babies are just adorable.
  13. whimmididdle

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    Thanks you Guys.....and Gals :biggrin

    This was a nightmare that seems to be turning out OK in the end.
    She went into light labor about 2 pm yesterday 6 pm she was starting to push a little bit, but ligs were still pretty tight. By 8 pm ligs were down, and pushing was getting better. 9 pm no bubble , just a little mucus. 10 pm, pushing hard now and nothing. Went in and felt kids butt ready to enter birth legs. Tried every way in the world to try to move the kid.....the push em back in and turn is a joke in these little packed full doe's. Tried to pick her butt up in the air and shake them around didn't work either. Rolled her from side to side....nothing. Called brother to come down at about midnight.....He tried for an hour with no results.....He said to call the vet. To be quite honest, I was about to head to the house and get my gun to put her down......she was exhausted and about ready to give up by now....and I was getting enough of watching her suffer. My brother says nothing to loose at this point, and told my wife to go in, try to find them hinds legs on the breech kid, and just to pull it out any way she could......She won the coin toss here because her arms and hands are half the size of mine. She did, and to my honest surprise, it was a buck and was still it cleaned up.....Paige went back to pushing about 15 minutes later, and I'll be durn if this one wasn't coming with his head way down and no feet forward ....had to read adjust its head and tried to find some feet such luck. No room to play with still. Wound up pulling it out by its head with both feet my surprise again, it was another buck and it was alive too. Give doe some warm water and molasses, and let her rest a bit.......along about 3;30 am she started pushing again. A double bubble appeared this time. Same thing again though...head forward and no legs. Had a little more room to work with this time, so got this one out with a foot forward and one back. Surprise again, it was a live doeling. Paige along with the rest of us are completely beat at this point.....and how that old doe managed to get on her feet after all this, lick around on them baby's, and stood there to let them nurse any at all at this point is beyond me.
    As soon as the vet office opened this morning, I took off there to get some uterine flush, antibiotics and stuff for this doe. I got her treated, and finally got in bed sometime after lunch today......

    My brother said that if I hadn't had this old doe in such remarkable good shape, that there would be no way she could have made it. She had pushed off and on a total of about 9 hours.

    Well, my preggy feeding program that I went to this time really didn't accomplish what I was looking for.....these kids all weighed in at 4+ lbs. got to figure this one out some more......I think on average, I only dropped a few ounces from last years kids (5 pounders) at best.

    Got to give credit where it is due wife is a banker, and has never had to do this before. She saved my doe and all my gals have just got something in you that kicks in and lets you perform with this sort of thing, that us feller's just don't have.

    Well, Paige eat a little bit this evening, but not much....I did see her up chewing her cud and letting them kids get some milk, so that is always a good sign to me.

    Next 24 to 48 hours will be crucial here to see if she is gonna have any problems with we ain't out of the woods yet.

    Thanks for all you folks support and prayers. I don't know if we could have kept putting this train back on the track without them.

    Sincerely, Whim
  14. Sondra

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    Whim I would give her some CMPK and probios
  15. whimmididdle

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    Meant to also say congrats to those who found some youngins last night and today. I haven't looked much , but seen that some of you had troubles too......hang in there.

    Gotcha Sondra.....yep, trying to keep that rumin happy as I can.
    BTW...Got to brag here on my buddy in TX......Sondra has been a God send to me....I so appreciate your friendship. This forum would not be the same without you. :thankyou2

  16. Such sweet babies! Congrats Whim :biggrin
  17. Oregonian Chick

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    That is so scary! I had to go in my doe this year to. It was a nightmare/train wreck from the beginning. After I got my first kid out I just went in and got the other two. Didn't want her pushing any more period as she was so tuckered out. She ended up getting a infection (kicked it in the butt though) and FINALLY is back to her old stubborn self (she kidded out on the 2nd at 2am).

    Tell your wife GOOD JOB from me :D. That is not a easy thing to dad and mom helped assist me on birthing the above mentioned does babies. He was the one who had to go in and find a head and bring it down (did I mention she had two 8-9 pounds bucks and a 8 pound doe? all alive to boot) and my dad is NOT a animal person and has never done anything of the sort but he did great. I finished up by getting all three kids out though but boy was I scared.

    Good job!!!!

  18. whimmididdle

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    Good job Justine, and glad you saved all them. Infections will be my biggest concern too, but I am treating her as if she already has maybe she'll drain out all the crud now without having to go through a severe illness after all that.

    No doubt in my mind that if Kaye or Vicki or somebody with their experience would have been here, that they would have known a better way to have went about this. It is so frustrating to try everything that you know to try, and still it doesn't work........and you have done been on plan B, C, and D, and still nothing.

    Reading all you can, and looking at pics can help you get a better understanding of the way things should be done....but I don't think that it even comes close to touching what years of experience can do for you. That is the very reason that when these E.F. Hutton's start answering questions on these threads.....I pay close attention to what they have to say.
    I worked in preventive maintenance for I'm already kinda programed to try to prevent a problem from happening before it ever does........I guess it's just meant for us to be challenged from time to time anyway.
    Not that I really want to do this again....I wouldn't have missed it for the world. :crazy

  19. MRFBarbara

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    You and wife did great and did it all right, the fact that your doe and her kids are alive proves it..As far as kid size, who knows you adjusted your feeding progrram and did the best you could.. Cute kids, boy they are big aren't they.
    When a doe of mine has such a rough time, I also give her just a little bit of banamine also.. If she is swollen in the rear, Prep H really helps too.. Congradulations on a job well done and live kids.. I will email you privately later