Neighbor Dogs killed our Doe

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    So the neighbors dogs killed one of our Does. We caught the dogs and animal control picked them up and ultimately destroyed them. They had also killed some chickens in our neighborhood. My question is about getting compensation from the dog owner. What can we be compensated for? Does anyone have experience in this? I mean bare minimum we need repalcement price for the goat, loss of the coming years kids, loss of milk production for the year all the stuff noone really thinks about. Any advice or experience would be great. We are in Northern California and have LaMancha goats.
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    I'm sorry about your loss. It happened t me many years ago. At the time my only compensation was the killing of the offending dog. If you want compensation, you'd probably have to file a civil suit. Going that way, you'd need lots of documentation such as the price of the doe, selling prices of her kids, milk production records and milk sales records. All of that would begin to tell what the actual worth of the doe was.

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    Sorry for your loss, I don't wish that to happen to me. Getting the compensation you want would need you to get a lawyer and get together with the other farmers involved.