Needle Disposal

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  1. stoneyheightsfarm

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    I'm wondering what y'all do with your used needles? My husband asked today if he should be taking ours to the biohazard box he has at work. I've just been capping them and putting them in the trash. (Not that I've used that many yet!)
  2. I put the cap on them and throw them in the trash.

  3. Sondra

    Sondra New Member

    Never! Always put them in a soda bottle with lid, when full then throw the whole bottle away. But just throwing in the trash could end up sticking someone.
  4. MRFBarbara

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    Empty Bleach and Laundry soap contrainers work really well also
  5. Chaty

    Chaty New Member

    I use a metal coffee can with lid on it and then when its full I throw it away...also I recap the needles also...
  6. SherrieC

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    You know what I did which is really stupid. For years I save old medicine bottle, I pop off the needle and cap and put them in there, those things are hard to open so probably no one would get hurt, then I realized my family's name and address are on the bottles. I'm not sure if its a legal way or not to dispose of needles, but if not. They know who did it.
  7. homeacremom

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    I'm still on my first bottle of needles, but I've been wondering what I'm going to do with them when it gets full.
  8. FRW

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    You can purchase containers and then pay to have them disposed of properly. But depending on how you pay for it to be disposed of you could responsible for it for life. Even though you paid for disposal.
    In some cases if the company that is disposing goes out of business you can be contacted to pay someone else to dispose of your sharps container and or other bio hazard material(depending on whats in it).
    My vet said there are companies out there now that will completely incinerate the contents and dispose of it completely to where they are not needles but clumps of melted metal and plastic that would kill anything in it that could be contagious.
    .But there is a list of things that you can only put in the container. Mainly just sharpees(suture needles, disposable needles and surgical scapula's etc) any other fluid types are to be sent to another facilities.
    He said he his buddy in Tampa FL had to re dispose of some containers and it cost him a fortune. I have a sharps box I bought from Jeffers or revival . I would rather do the right thing than someone getting stuck and thinking it is a needle that could contain aids. Would be scary to worry about that for months.Plus the expense of testing.
  9. Madfarmer

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    I use orange-juice jugs for my insulin syringes. Good, sturdy plastic & they can't come back out. Steve bio-hazards 'em at work.

  10. Kaye White

    Kaye White Guest

    Since I use bleach in the machine clean up...I use the bleach jug as a sharps container and then just haul it to the dump with the other trash. Maybe two jugs a year.
    I asked at the dump station one time about disposing of it..."Not a problem, just throw it in the compactor. Compactors are picked up and hauled to an incineration place in the state."
  11. goatkid

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    We just cap them and throw them in the trash. We have no children to dig through and get stuck and we personally take all our trash to the dump. It is put into a large box for further disposal, I would assume in a landfill. Since it's handled by machine rather than a person at the dump, putting them in bottles doesn't seem necessary in our situation. Kathie
  12. coso

    coso Guest

    We put them in a metal coffee can too. I read somewhere to pour paper mache in the can then throw it away. I'm going to try that this time. I used to just throw them in the trash. :shrug
  13. Haglerfarm

    Haglerfarm New Member

    I usually take off the needle and drop it into the syringe with the needle facing backwards. then push in the plunger pushing it onto the needle. Then drop in bleach jugs or other bottle with caps. then throw away.
    My vet told me I could take them there to dispose of.
    I have heard that you can put them into a coffee can and put into a hot oven and melt the plastic around the needles. I have not tried it though.
  14. Theresa

    Theresa New Member

    NEVER just throw them into the trash. Even if you don't have children, someone else could get stuck with those needles, be it the trash man or whoever. Just think of all the diseases spread by blood and if you were stuck by a needle that you did not know who had used, how would you feel. So, always put them into a container with thick sides and a top that will not just pop off. And if youl want to really know, then you should contact your waste disposal department and ask them.
  15. tmfinley

    tmfinley Member

    I cap them and give them to my dad. He takes them and his insulin needles and puts them in a coffee can, puts the can on the grill and "cooks" it. THe plastic melts around the needles so there is no chance of anyone being poked. Then he throws them away. Could you imagine accidentally getting poked by a needle when you had no idea where it came from and who or what it had been used on? It would be real scary. I definitely don't just throw them away.

  16. pokyone42

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    well, I was really nervous about that, and so bought a regular red tin that vets was only about 7.00, dollars, and, I figure, will take me years to fill, (as it is for needles only...) I just feel better about it........(shrug)