Need some verification re: a cae convo a recently had

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    Okay, here is the deal and it has left me thinking that I may not understand CAE as well as I thought.

    Yearling doe that had already freshened was purchased from a regularly tested CAE free (test negative that is) farm, that has tested regularly for over 12 years. The farm still retains the yearlings dam and granddam and both are currently CAE negative. The doe came with recent testing paperwork showing CAE negative....well, 9 months later doe tests positive. All other does in her (the herd where this doe now resides) herd tested negative again. So, I thought that this was sonething that does generally, and most likely while young from there dams if dam raised or, from pooled milk...but, if the breeder has ALWAYS had negative results and the mother that dam raised this doe is clean....????.....also, what are the possibilities of a false positive or sample error? Testing was done at PAVL. During the convo I was told that it can transmit in MANY other ways, blood, mucus, coughing???? I thought that was CL?


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    It is possible that it is a problem with the testing so I would do a blood test on this doe and send to a couple other labs. However if the doeling nursed off any other doe or got into milk at a show from who know who. and possible blood or semen (tho that isn't proven I don't think) but always a possiblility. Also this is something that can show up in furture tests so is why people test their stock year in and year out. Nothing is cut in stone.

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    Obviously retest. But if the breeder is helping you figure out what has gone wrong than will she forward you all 12 years of negative testings? Do you know the kind of blood pass you would have to have for a doe who is not on the bottle to convert? Like a dog bites a positive doe and then bites this doe with a mouth full of blood. You draw out a needle full of blood and inject it into this doe.

    99.9% of does are positive at birth from colostrum and milk, the other low percentage point can be blamed on the placenta, coughing, sneezing, semen, hoof trimming, dog attacks, two goats fighting and passing blood when head butting, on the milkstring with milk in the inflation from one doe being put on another doe with a sore on her teat, goats drinking the run off from the barn sink in which raw milk was put down, going to a show and being penned next to a herd with CAE.... and all the other ways folks will tell you that their goat converted.

    It's why in my contract, all my CAE guarantees are null and void if the doe was not born on my farm. She may test negative today before the sale, but I am not responsible if she is positive in 2 years. Vicki