Need some dosages for 20 day old kids

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    Our 6 ND kids are 21 days old, I know that they need to be wormed and started on cocci preventative. Both sets of triplets and their dams are together, but separate from the heard so I think that I need to use Cydecton. The biggest and only buck weighs 10 lbs. and the 5 does are quite a bit smaller. I only have 12cc syringes with 4 marks between ccs and I wanted to know if y'all had Cydectin "kid cheat" ie. 1/2cc per kid regardless of weight. If not, we will try to draw the accurate amount. Also we still have some Sulmet, we used this last year as cocci preventative but don't remember the correct dosage.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    I don't use sulmet, but I do give liquid sulfa. The dose for that is 1cc per 5# the first day and 1cc per 10# for the following four days. We still haven't started using Cydectin in Montana, but I'm sure the dose is on Goatkeeping 101. I know with the wormers we use, the dose per pound ratio is the same for kids and adults. Kathie

  3. Cydectin dosage in Goat Keeping 101 is 1cc per 22lb given orally.