Need help with distance between goats

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    I would like to use as much of my property as I can to raise my goats, but I have some concerns.

    Up towards the front of my property I have a little over 1 acre that I was thinking I could use for my unregistered goats (meat stock). I don’t want to run them with my registered herd or have them using the same pastures.

    Now while I don’t want them near my goats on the other hand my neighbor has some goats up front and I worry about the health of her herd. I know nothing about their condition, but they have a very small area to call home with no forage.

    Finally we get to my question……..How far away do I need to keep my goats to ensure they cannot get any diseases / sick / etc from her goats?
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    So they couldn't touch noses even if they leaned in on the fence. We ran ours two widths and turning around of my husbands brush hog.

    In my building of my dream place, I would have an outer fence, then an inner fence and donkeys would roam that alleyway, not only keeping down the grass but also protecting the goats in the inner fence without having to be in with them. Vicki

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    Okay I was thinking of 10 foot, but was worried about airborne stuff.

    I like the donkey idea....very interesting. I have three mules. :biggrin One of them tries to kill anything new in the pasture so I have to be very careful ith her.

    Well this is good to know. Of course now I have to build another shelter or maybe just move one. :help