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Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by whimmididdle, Jan 8, 2008.

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    I'm looking to see if anybody has a link that would give better info on alfalfa. I'm looking for a vitamin/mineral breakdown.........I realize the quality/values can vary depending on where it's grown, but I would like to have more info other than protein, fat, and fiber contents. Oh yea...I'm talking about A.pellets for the most part.

    Thanks for replies.....Whim.

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    Thanks Sondra.....gosh, it's got a lot of stuff in it.
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    Now why do you think we say alfalfa is a good food?? :)
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    Whim, a nutritonist was talking at our club meeting, he runs a big cooperative grain company in a town west of me. After telling us about this and that and charts etc...he then said abou alflafa. "You can't really chart alfalfa, there is a secret ingredient in it that grows kids bigger, and makes dairy animals milk more than the measured ingredients in it". Ric and I just smiled at each other, since our feeding program is not on the list of coop accepted ones :) Vicki
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    This I know...When I feed my goats free choice pellets and local hay:

    They eat less all around and I think I actually SAVE $$$ cause they ate and/or wasted so much hay!
    They produce more milk.
    They are more content than ever.

    Even just a couple days without pellets and I see a significant drop in milk - and we get AWESOME local and feed whole oats as well, but the alfalfa just makes the biggest difference in the world - we used to feed alfalfa hay and our production still was not as good. I thank vicki for giving me the sage advise of feeding free choice pellets.